Fishers Island Sea Stretcher

A lifesaving service for all on Fishers Island.

Fishers Island Sea Stretcher is an essential and vital part of the island's emergency services and, unlike the Fire Department it gets no funding from the Town of Southold and is run solely on donations and volunteers.
  There are 41 active volunteers currently serving (many in several roles) as department officers, fire personnel, pump operators, ambulance squad EMTs, and Sea Stretcher captains and navigators. Additional members serve as advisors, drivers, radio control and in other important capacities. Founded in 1927, Fishers Island Fire Department members work closely with Dr. Chris Ingram, the Island’s year-round doctor, and the Island Health Project.

Always Remember
When an emergency happens regardless of the situation
CALL 911 from land line 

but that from a cell phone you must dial 631-765-2600
Fire Fighters and EMT’s will be notified within seconds 24 hours a day.

Sea Stretcher Crew
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The Fishers Island Sea Stretcher Crew

The crew work around the clock, around their full time jobs and around busy lives to give you the safety and security that the Sea Stretcher offers.

Sea Stretcher Crew
JR Edwards, Dave Denison, Tim Patterson, Steve Malinowski, Joe Brock, Mike Conroy, Aaron Lusker, Dirk Harris and David Burnham. Missing from photo Alex Kardziyak, Harrison Hall and Nate Malinowski.


Kathy Dollar, Tawyna Eastman, Carol Giles, Paul Giles, Tracy Brock, Dr. Chris Ingram, Bruce Hubert and Chris Dollar. Missing from photo Kapri Thomas, Gail Purdy Cypherd, Patty Walker, Brandy Walker, Sarah Freeman, Jess Hall, Becky Doolittle and Jill Rogan.

Fire Calls Answered in 2018
58 Fire calls
44 EMT calls
33 Sea Stretcher Runs


Sea Stretcher Events

Peter Sanger Memorial Day Marathon


This year’s Peter Sanger Memorial Sea Stretcher Marathon, organized by the Fishers Island Fire Department, will be held on Sunday, May 24th. Registration starts at 8:00 am at the Fire House and the race starts at 9:00.

In addition to race participants, drivers who can transport runners to the various starting points are always needed and welcome. There will be free baked goods and drink for all the runners, if you would like to contribute some backed goods please contact Mary Ski 788-7533

Runners of all ages can choose to run 1, 3, 5 or 8 miles. 

Classes include:

1A: 1 mile for runners age 12 and younger, starts at the Library

1B: 1 mile for runners over age 12, starts at the Library

3: 3 miles for all ages, starts at Four Corners

5: 5 miles for all ages, starts at the Chocomount Beach Road

8: 8 miles for all ages, starts at the Castle

Please join us for the marathon and help to raise money for this amazing life saving service.



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