Last April I needed to go on the "Sea Stretcher " to Lawrence Memorial Hospital, the call went out and like magic the EMT'S  arrived within minutes.Seeing familiar faces around me made the trip much less stressful, Dr Chris and all the EMT'S took such good care of me. We are so blessed to have such a caring community of volunteer EMT'S .It's so important to support the SEA STRETCHER, it is our lifeline to medical emergencies   
Many thanks to all who helped.   Mary Ski

We want to thank everyone for the generous outpouring to the Sea Stretcher in honor of Stowe Phelps.
The Sea Stretcher saved Stowe’s life when he had a heart attack in the summer of 1986. The Doctor was caring and rapid in his diagnosis and decision-making. The EMTs were attentive and made him comfortable. The Crew was aboard and ready to go in jig time, and they had the throttles on the firewall before the boat left the basin. The Bay Constables even looked the other way about speeding. Stowe tells the story better than any in his book of memoirs, and he was so grateful that he told it often over the 27 additional years of life that your work gave to him. - Charlton Phelps

 This story is a little about the Sea Stretcher and a lot about why it is so great that we have an emergency doctor on the island. 
 "A woman and her husband came over from New London to visit friends on the island. When they got off the boat, the lady’s husband told her he was feeling a little funny and she suggested they go to the Island Health Project (IHP) doctor and see if all  was okay. He had had some heart issues in the past and she was being careful. Maria Frank was the IHP doctor at that time and she determined the gentleman should have boat ride on the Sea Stretcher. I was on duty that day and as they got on the boat, the lady said to me quietly, “He is really mad at me.” I replied, “ You are the only person he knows here, so he can only be angry with you.” All went well on the boat ride, and the ambulance that met the Sea Stretcher got her husband to L&M. In the emergency room he flatlined. Had Maria not sent him over, his chances of surviving would not have been good. For us on Sea Stretcher it was another boat ride, for this man and his wife it was a life changing event." ~ Tim Patterson

"Many thanks to all the volunteers, runners, sponsors, bakers and drivers! A beautiful morning for the annual marathon in support of Fishers Island Fire Department’s Sea Stretcher, thanks so much to all those who supported and donated towards our fundraising efforts. Team Tiggy Health raised over $17,000 and donations are still coming in!! With the runners’ sponsor pledges, contributions through Team Tiggy, and the bake sale proceeds at nearly $500, the marathon will have raised over $34,000 for the Sea Stretcher this year"

Sea Stretcher Stories

We love to hear stories and comments about the wonderful service and value of the Fishers island Sea Stretcher. Please write in and tell us yours!